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Depending on the application and based on many variables as safety, aesthetic, color, comfort, energy efficiency, acoustic and thermal performances, photovoltaic technology, integration system, structural glazing, point fixed system, we work out a solution that will meet the needs of our client.

In this stage already, it is important to pay attention to all details. The geographical data and building characteristics will be helpful in defining the mechanical performance of the glass while the drawing details may be useful to define the arrangement of the cells, the electrical circuit, the position of the + & – outputs and how to pass the cables from one glass to another.

We'd like to offer you more information on

  • Active glass
  • Canopy Active Skylight Systems or photovoltaic canopy
  • Building Integrated photovoltaic or photovoltaic façade
  • BIPV
  • Energy generating façade
  • Energy generating skylight
  • Photovoltaic sunshade
  • Photovoltaic glass roof
  • Active second skin façade or photovoltaic second skin façade
  • Customized photovoltaic

You are a building owner or a real estate developer

Financial gains, EU policy priorities aiming for sustainable construction and nearly zero energy building as from 2020, system power generation, societal and environmental benefits and BREEAM or LEEDS certifications are just some of the benefits and requirements to suit your needs as building owner or real estate developer. Together with your architect we work closely to give satisfaction on these points.

You are an architect

Yes, more design possibilities and choice of glass components (transparent or colored). we help you design and get build energy generating façades and skylights as never done before. 1 single point of contact from concept to the complete realization. You will be discussing the details and design possibilities with our engineers and get a correct estimation of the budget envelope for realization of your project.

You are a general contractor

We build and commission your energy generating façades and skylights. You get discharged of the complexities of these kinds of projects and can keep your focus on your core business. No need to temporary hire or attract extra manpower or specialized personnel.

You are a façade maker or system integrator

We are your right hand to help you win the tender. Our engineers have been supported façade contractors from all over Europe, Northern Africa and Middle-East for many years in mastering integration issues, wiring and communication with the electrician. At E-Activ we know as nobody else how to deal with these issues and will be more than happy working with you on your next BIPV project.