Active Balustrade Systems

Balustrades do not only provide safety, high architectural impact and aesthetic pleasing to the building, but it also can also generate energy for the building.

Glazing characteristics and design options:

The balustrade is a safety laminated glass composition with EVA and available in regular dimensions or bespoke

General Features

  • Size up to 2200 x 5500 mm
  • Glass thickness to be defined and verified by statistic calculations
  • High efficiency BIFACIAL or monocrystalline Perc solar cells 158,75 x 158,75 mm
  • Any cell coverage and layout resulting in power range from 60 to 170 W/SQM
  • Energy and light transmission values depending on the cell coverage.
  • The option with soft coating or solar control coating on pos. #2 or #3 toward the solar cells
  • More design options with colours and by random arrangement of the solar
  • Pre-selected colours:  black, grey, white, blue, yellow, gold, bronze, and terracotta red. High degree of customization to reach specific aesthetic visual rendering with limited losses in efficiency.
  • Random or specific arrangement of the solar cells to create a logo or an image.

Support / Fixing system

Easy Glass Pro

  • A unique support system for structural glass balustrades by clamping at the bottom. No bolts, screw tightening, scaffolding or special tools required. That, together with the Safety Wedge glass-mounting solution, makes installation incredibly easy and cost-effective.
  • Laminated glass: min.88.2 / max.10.10.5 (22 mm)
  • Vertical edges are free
  • Top edge: Enclosed in an adapted U-profile for the cabling between the panels
  • In accordance with NBN B03-004 Feb 2017
  • CE certification: EN 1090

Electrical installation

All our active Façade, Skylight, Roof , Sunshade systems are supplied including the electrical installation up to the inverters. We therefor make an electrical study, supply system components up to the inverters, connect the glass units in series, complete the wiring between the façade / Skylight and the inverter room and arrange the commissioning of the DC-side of the system.

System components

DC Wire sets

1x4² tailor-made double insulated single-pole wire sets assembled in the workshop with connectors on both ends for the connections between the glass panels.

String cables

1x6² double insulated single-pole flexible cables (class II) of 1x6² cross-section for the connections from the façade / skylight to the inverter room.


Ideal inverter for large-scale commercial and industrial plants delivering extraordinary high yields with an efficiency of 98.4%. Highly flexible plant design thanks to Optiflex technology, two MPP inputs and a wide input voltage range.

DC Switch Panels

Electrical metallic board with emergency break wired and preassembled in the workshop, containing mainly MX + OF 220Vac emission coils for powering-off all bipolar phases of the various power supply cables from the PV generator.

Technical support

  • Module design and characterization to fit your project needs in term of power output requirement, aesthetic, color and climate comfort inside the building.
  • Engineering study, support structure, static calculation, design, drawings.
  • Shading and solar gain control studies
  • Light and energy characteristics of the glass panels (LT and g-value)
  • Photovoltaic study, layout and module proposal, power output and energy yields calculation, basic ROI calculation.
  • Electrical study, system optimization, wiring plan, visit on the construction site at the beginning of the installation. Warning: the access to all connections cables have to remain unobstructed till the string voltage have been verified.
  • Project budget envelope, lead time estimation, recommendation for qualified façade maker or installer.

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